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How is Technology Revolutionizing Real Estate?

The general picture of the real estate sector during the time of pandemic is a little grim. Construction works have been thwarted everywhere and the sector is now looking towards the government for support. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel and it seems that the pandemic has ramped up the use of technology in real estate. This can be seen as a massive positive leap.

Ways in Which Real Estate is Using Technology to Keep Up With COVID-19

Online Buying and Selling

The buying and selling process for properties in Jaipur and other parts of India has moved online. People are taking digital tours of the property they wish to purchase and are even setting deals virtually! All of this has rendered transactions more efficient and less time-consuming.

Digital Construction

Digital construction is going to be a massive change in the future in projects which are too risky or too complicated to be done through manual labor. Township in Jaipur can be built by builders and developers in Jaipur by means of BIM, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and reality modeling. Robotics is being employed as an alternative to labor. As a result, work is being carried on uninterrupted without compromising with quality.

Use of Drones

Examining the survey sites in dangerous terrains is done through drones. 2D and 3D images can be generated and exact measurements are taken through the help of drones. They are also being used to capture images of property for buyers to see and analyze.

Digital Payment of Rent

And finally, when the world is locked inside, property-owners are using online platforms for digital payments of rent. This is not only making payments safer but also faster and less complicated.

Parting Words

This adoption of technology in real estate should not be evaluated by its short term implications. It is true that the use of technology has relaxed the stress of COVID-19 over the sector, but the benefits in the future are going to be more than the existing state of affairs. Thus, it is fair to conclude the technology is here to revolutionize real estate.

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