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Company Values

A candid thought can be only nurtured and cherished upon in an honest and independent mind. That’s all we look for when it comes to recruitment. The trust and repute that we have built amongst our customers, our employees and the populace in general in such a short time is because of our strong belief in a few very old deep rooted traditions of service and work practiced in our nation since ages. We still believe that work is worship, though it may sometimes turn out that work is a warship, and it cannot win the combat without dedicated team efforts. Passion for work and ability to fit in a team is what we demand from our employees, and in turn, it’s a dream experience that they acquire.

The association with the name Unique Builder is not the only return they achieve; we have world class infrastructure and facilities to sustain excellent employee growth and development on professional as well as personal fronts. Our employees are well paid, live in an admirable and friendly environment and pursue a superb work culture, with high emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality of work. The most imaginative and creative ones are the most welcomed. At Unique Builders ingenuity is promoted without distinction of ranks or background. If you are creative and resourceful it’s you who shall rise.

A bud sprouted long back in depths of time as Jaipur Brick Company, turned into a tree with strong roots and sheltering leaves which we now know as Unique Builders. People wonder what turned that bud into a giant tree, and we tell them proudly it’s the love and blessings of our satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction is the principle that we have revered from the beginning and will continue to do so in the forthcoming era that will definitely be marked by our ever growing presence.

If you think you possess even a few of those qualities, you are welcome at Unique Builders. It’s not just skills that we attach importance to, because skills can be honed, it’s the attitude that matters. Do you have the zeal?
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Corporate Office: Unique Builders, 4th Floor, Unique Destination, Laxmi Mandir Crossing, Tonk Road, Jaipur - 302015, Rajasthan, India.